what we do.

Geist & 168th delivers foundational business services and advice as a one stop shop.
finance & accounting
  • Bookkeeping
    Seamless bookkeeping and accounting. Know your financial scoreboard is accurate.
  • Tax Preparation and Filing
    Taxes are a fact of life. We'll make sure they're handled as efficiently as possible, limiting your end of year headache.
  • Planning & Forecasting
    Budget preparation and monthly forecasting to help your company plan for the future one step at a time.
  • Reporting & Analysis
    We make sure you know your numbers and how they change. Monthly, quarterly, and annual detailed reporting on performance, including custom-tailored metrics to gain valuable insight on shortcomings and strengths of your business.
operations & mangement
  • Process Implementation & Operational Guidance
    The best process is a simple one. We'll start there, helping you do something as simple as automating the way you pay a light bill. Before you know it you'll be running an execution machine.
  • Mission Definition
    Companies that last have a clear reason they are in business beyond just making money. Let us help you find your "why".  
  • Leadership
    We'll help you cultivate trust and empower your people. Then we'll help you turn that trust into a culture that attracts and retains the best employees and partners.
Strategic Marketing &
Brand Development
  • Brand development and digital direction:
    Have a strategy for connecting with your customers and telling your story. From their first visit to your home website, customers are developing an image of your brand and seeing how you distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Website Development:
    These days, anyone can build a website. But does your website immediately connect with your clients or customers, emphasize your values, and have a sleek attention-grabbing design? The shortening attention span of Internet users requires quick access to information about your business.
  • Marketing:
    Targeting specific markets and utilizing the right Internet outlets maximizes customer interactions with your business. Build the right strategies for adapting to a dynamic technological landscape and adapt content to your customer base.
acquisitions &
capital raising
  • Buying a company
    We can help your business grow by finding the right company and acquiring it. We can run the deal or augment your existing team.
  • Borrowing or Raising Capital
    Looking to borrow for your next project or take on an equity investment? We've interfaced with many banks and investors. We will help make sure you have the right capital arrangement for your company.
IT & Technology
  • Managed IT Services
    We'll manage your network, phones, security and other IT challenges, making recommendations for optimization so you can focus on your business.