Geist & 168th Announces the Acquisition of HRZN Creative Collective.

About Geist & 168th

Since our inception, Geist & 168th has sought to empower businesses by delivering services to small and medium size business; taking a values-first approach. Geist delivers financial and operational services such as: Fractional CFO, bookkeeping, accounting, financial planning, and process design. We serve businesses from all sectors but have industry specialization in route-based services (HVAC, waste management, pool service), healthcare, and construction/specialty contractor services.

About HRZN Creative Collective

HRZN is a boutique creative agency specializing in creative and brand direction, website, marketing, graphic design, and content development. HRZN has done work across these services for large brands such as Pacifico and Redbull. They have also served local businesses, music festivals, and non-profit organizations, including ABC Food Tours, Sustain with Sound, Jimmys of Wrightsville Beach & more.

A Win for Current and Future Clients – A word from Geist’s founder

"The partnership with HRZN adds services Geist can offer its clients but more importantly, affirms our values. The culture established at HRZN by its founder, Javier Rodrequiz, is founded in creativity, diversity of thought, and an emphasis on the human narrative - these align closely with the people-first approach of Geist. I have had the benefit of knowing Javier personally and professionally for nearly 15 years. I could not be more proud to have him join the team as a partner and Creative Director."     - Tom Nolan – Founder and Partnership Lead

A Focus on Great Art – a word from HRZN’s Founder

"It's not often that you get to connect with people that align with your passion to create like Tom & Klayton. From the collaboration on our first project, I knew we were building a long-term relationship.I'm stoked that meant becoming part of the Geist & 168th family. This partnership allows me to focus my time and efforts on creating the art I know will be transformative for our clients. "

- Javier Rodriguez, Creative Director