Change Happens: Prepare with Content

Historically businesses could find success and long-term growth by focusing on a single type of outreach, advertisement, or communication. Print was the primary medium for creating opportunities for development. In the transition to new media that is constantly accessible across devices and platforms business strategy also needs to change. An executive looking to modernize their growth and sales strategy has to understand how they can leverage this digital revolution to develop their business Instead of being overwhelmed by it.

The Basics

Terms like “digital strategy”, “social media”, and “data”, are often thrown around – what do they really mean? In general, they are simply reference to how an organization approaches and utilizes content (video, photos, interviews, podcasts), media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, Twitter, etc.), and information (target market demographics, engagement, impressions). Given the depth and breadth of digital media, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable. The constant release of new technologies and capabilities can feel exhausting, but you can orient yourself and your business for success by efficiently allocating your energy and resources. The coming of the digital age HELPS businesses get their word out as long as they are willing to lean into the change. How do you take advantage? Here’s the bottom line: YOU NEED CONTENT.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

As a business in the 21st century, you have to understand that your digital image could be your first or only interaction with a potential client or customer. Simultaneously, the positive, updated digital image of a competitor could be the reason your business does not even get a look. With this in mind, you need content that can be used across all platforms. No matter who your market is, they are becoming more reliant on digital information streams. You can’t afford to neglect this part of your business strategy.  

2 Steps to Success in the Age of Information

1. Know your non-negotiables: What are your values?

2. Know what you do: Have clear descriptions of each of your lines of product/service

Geist & 168th Boutique Creative Agency

It would be near impossible to touch on all the elements of a “successful” digital strategy for businesses because this can mean different things for different markets. However, what is consistent across all markets is the fact that digital communications have increased the desire for CONTENT. At Geist, we understand this demand and help our partners reach their goals by creating high quality, gripping content that builds business. We help strategically to define your non-negotiables and service offerings, ultimately defining a brand feel across everything associated with your business. As a social media management partner, we create content and schedule social media posts across many platforms, providing a tailored approach and monthly reporting. How can Geist elevate YOUR business?