Discover how Geist & 168th branded and helped launch Redefined Fitness, a Wrightsville Beach, NC-based fitness studio. Find out how Redefined brought one of the fitness industry's fastest growing workouts, the Lagree method, into a brand new market.

The Challenge

With the California approach to reinventing what a workout could be, Sara Diab decided it was time to share her passionate results with her hometown in NC. Sara knew she wanted to host and train classes, but she also knew her drive could build this newfound knowledge into more than just a class. She sought for a lifestyle brand where she could create an identity with her welcoming, comfortable, and inspiring environment. Sara then began seeking a designer to create her website & logo. Our challenge was to help clarify the identity of Redefined Fitness the brand strategy we were going to use to launch this new fitness boutique. We had to create all the brand elements and develop a website that integrated MindBody, ultimately showcasing who Redefined is.

Our Solution

We used our art development and market research to create a brand strategy and identity that was true to Sara and her story. Creative directors at Geist created a branding plan by dissecting the specific marketing elements that were influential in the lives of potential members. We wanted Redefined Fitness Studios branding to reflect the strength of a full workout, as well as the professionalism of knowledge and research done by Sara and her team. Finally, we had to add a little touch of the beach. The ocean is what inspired Sara's journey - the west coast lifestyle transferred all the way back to the east coast. Redefined Fitness now has an original image that is necessary for driving innovation, inspiration, and most importantly, Sara's impactful, community-wide approach to wellness. See the website here:

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