Discover how Geist & 168th partnered with Raleigh Hidden Gems to redefine and revitalize their visual identity.

The Challenge

Though Raleigh Hidden Gems had tens of thousands of followers on social media, they were lacking a brand identity that fully captured the essence of their business. They knew that to expand their market and have their services to resonate with customers, they needed to develop a strategy that reconnected with their base.

Our Solution

Branding Development & Marketing

Creative experts at Geist built a logo and brand strategy that gave RHG a unique originality, while still capturing modern trends. By taking a deep dive into the brand & business goals of Raleigh Hidden Gems, we were able to discover their love for supporting the triangle area, its people, and the small businesses that make up the community. Taking those values into account, we designed a logo & visual identity style that encompasses the Raleigh skyline. The colorful diamond that you see on any of their public facing media represents the diversity of Raleigh, the places that make it unique, and the people that energize its streets.

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