Discover how Geist & 168th partnered with Kurt J Kettering Restoration Services to build a unique, recognizable branding strategy

The Challenge

Kurt J Kettering Restoration is a highly specialized roofing business that offers a breadth of roofing services for home and commercial projects. They offer: Roof replacement, Regular maintenance, Consulting, Repair, and New Construction. Kurt J Kettering Restoration had a unique business that delivered high expertise roofing solutions to commercial and residential homes. However, they lacked a concrete brand strategy that resonated with their customers and communicated the values of their business.

Our Solution

Owning a modern, creative logo and developing a brand awareness around their product offerings was the next step to expanding their business to a broader range of clients. Geist & 168th developed a brand strategy for KJK that highlights their values, simultaneously providing a sleek image that radiates the passion they put in their work. One look at KJK’s new website and logo provides a window into the wide-ranging experience, custom tailored designs, and work ethic, evident in each one of their projects.

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