Explore how Geist & 168th guided waste management company, Atlantic OBX through a rebranding and the acquisition process

The Challenge

Financial: Atlantic OBX was approached with an acquisition opportunity but was unsure how to simultaneously negotiate fair value, fund the deal, execute, and integrate the new business into their operations. Geist advised Atlantic during every step of the acquisition process from due diligence to integration.

Creative: Atlantic OBX also lacked a consistent branding strategy and logo that matched the values of their culture. It was genuine, but it was unable to effectively communicate business values that attract and retain employees, partners, and new customers at the rate needed for growth. They also lacked a modern website design that was easy to navigate, clearly displayed their service offerings, and portrayed company values through employee stories. 

Our Solution

Execution and a People-First Approach


Due Diligence - Geist led the information gathering process on the target business across the specific functions listed below:  

  • Legal – Geist helped Atlantic OBX review the historical contracts and ensure strong business line transition, risk mitigation, and an attractive legal/tax deal structure.
  • Finance & Valuation – Geist requested and reviewed the historical financial performance of the acquisition target and modeled future performance helping.
  • Funding – Geist presented the deal to a lender, successfully structuring the debt capital needed to close the transaction.  
  • Human – Geist helped Atlantic OBX understand the seller’s key roles and responsibilities, detailing what human elements needed to be considered in the purchase. The role of building trust with the seller is integral and often overlooked. We gave guidance to our client throughout the pressure-filled transaction, ensuring the processes reinforced their values and people-first approach.


Strategic Finance Lead Klayton Garman discusses financial forecasting with an employee of Atlantic OBX

Execution: Numerous functional experts coordinated the deal with Atlantic OBX.

Geist quarterbacked the communication across Atlantic, the target on the business purchase, and outside counsel. Successfully navigating multiple constituents, tight timing, and expectations of both parties.

Integration & Reporting

Geist was able to smooth the transition of the purchase by structuring operational processes for a day-1 cutover, ensuring both employee roles, new logistics coordination, and client retention. With the logistics of the transaction organized, Atlantic OBX gained the ability to report on the financial success of the deal immediately following the close, greatly increasing the likelihood of long-term return on investment.  

Creative Tangible Product:

Developed new logo and brand guide that detailed color schemes along with various formats of the logo design.

These were then applied across digital and physical media, as guided by the Geist creative team. This was done through a redevelopment of the website, implementing a fresh look that communicated trust and authenticity to potential clients. Geist creative director Javier Rodriquez also developed a sleek logo that was applied across fleet assets, increasing brand consistency and awareness through communities that Atlantic OBX operates in.

Shot and produced a company biopic that delivered the Atlantic OBX narrative in an easily digestible format

The Geist creative team developed a specialized filmography and photography plan for Atlantic. The expert production and post-production editing provided high quality content for Atlantic to communicate their company’s values, services, and vision for the future. 

Geist Deliverables Drive the Business Bottom Line

By diving deep into principles of the business and setting actionable, attainable goals that resonated with the owner, our creative directors we were able to develop their sleek new brand. Not only does the new Atlantic OBX brand communicate the integrity and work ethic of its owner Jennings Bryan Smith (aka Pop), but also the future operations of the business. A successful brand identity establishes authenticity in company culture and trust with a client base. Newly branded Atlantic OBX trucks and apparel communicate a business that is forward-facing and prepared to expand. 

The new Atlantic OBX website design communicates company values, makes it easy for visitors to understand their suite of services, and establishes trust in potential clients. This business is modern, prepared for the future, and built for success. 

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