Elevate your business by focusing on people & results.


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Our mission: To empower business as a force for good.

At Geist &168th, we offer a breadth of services to empower business. From bookkeeping to fractional CFO, logo design to creative direction, payroll to HR policy.

Everything we do is grounded in
our values.

People come first. Do the right thing PERIOD
We're realists. Businesses are made of people and people aren't perfect. There are no silver bullets, but there can always be a step forward. Keep Plugging.
Nothing gets done without focus. Set measurable goals and focus on them, holding yourself and your team accountable. Results matter. Pick the numbers, hit the numbers, next question.

our story.

Geist means “spirit” but more personally, it’s the name of the reservoir in Indiana where my maternal Grandfather taught me how to sail. 168th is the cross street in the Bronx borough of New York City where my Dad was born and his parents grew up. We aim to embody the intersection of Midwestern values and New York hustle.

- Tom Nolan Founder